“My Wife and I are first time home buyers and we could not have had a better first time experience than with Equity West. Both Winnie and Willis both work as a dynamic duo. We decided to work with Equity West because of their knowledge and familiarity with all of the Bay Area. As first time home buyers we really felt that they took the time to educate us and explain the pros and cons of not only the homes we visited but also of the surrounding area and neighborhoods. We wanted to work with agents that had honesty, care and integrity and they both surpassed our expectations. Communication is key to any relationship. So when you get involved with something as sensitive as buying a home you want to be able to be in touch with your real state agents any given moment you have doubts or questions. Winnie and Willis happily stayed in touch whether be email , texts or phone calls. They never gave us the impression as though we were bothersome. I highly recommend you get in touch and reach out if your in the market for you new home. Never did I get the feeling or impression they were trying to push a sale on us, extremely patient if anything. Many occasions revisiting homes when Winnie and Willis saw there was a spark in our eyes. On much of our visits they picked us up and dropped us off at Bart after looking at homes well into the late evenings. If it was not for Winnie’s expertise, strong communication skills and being in touch with the sellers agent throughout the process I don’t believe we would have landed our gem. Willis has a strong background in the remodel industry which added to the value and knowledge when looking at each home and the endless possibilities. You guys a remarkable I will never have enough “Thank You’s” and appreciation to show you guys. You guys really helped my wife and I find our dream home and start the new chapter of our lives.”-Jay Z. (Richmond, CA) via Yelp

“Buying your first home can be intimidating and stressful. For someone who easily gets buyer’s remorse, the numbers can get overwhelming, especially in a competitive market. Willis and Winnie both made me feel at ease throughout the entire home buying process. With their expertise in the market, they negotiated a successful deal on a fixer-upper to make my own, as well as another investment property. I am very blessed to have a real estate power couple here in the Bay Area who works diligently to meet and exceed your expectations. I highly recommend them to all my friends, family, and colleagues!”-Ivana Y. (Piedmont, CA) via Yelp

“Winnie and Willis did a great job in helping our family sell my Mom’s house. Besides helping with design and cleaning up the property they helped guide us through the legal requirements with the City of Oakland and Alameda County. All parties including us and the buyer were pleased with how smoothly the transaction went.”-Roger W. (San Francisco,CA) via Yelp

“I have known Winnie and Willis for years. My family and I were looking for a home and we always wanted to live in San Francisco. We didn’t think it was possible because of the competitive nature of the market so we thought about settling for Daly City, Oakland, or San Leandro. We were all over the place. Winnie and Willis was able to keep us focused on our goal and didn’t quit until we found a house that was right for us. They showed us some neighborhoods in SF with potential for growth and came up with creative financial solutions and ideas to work through our current situation. With some negotiating, they were able to land us our dream home in San Francisco within striking distance of our budget. After a few years we contacted Willis and thought about selling to cash out. During that night, Willis actually convinced us to hang tight because he knew the market was only going to get better and since then, we have gained another 40% in equity! Winnie and Willis have earned their spot as our Realtors for life!”-Norman T. (San Francisco,CA) via Yelp

“Before we were under the care of Winnie and Willis, we were casually looking for the perfect home for over a year. We actually had another buyer’s agent help us make an offer on another home in San Leandro but we didn’t get the place. As soon as we contacted and Willis and told him what we were looking for, he went straight to work. For a few months, Winnie and Willis wasn’t able to find anything within our price range that we actually. Then one day when we were out of town, something out of our budget popped up. From assessing the situation and based on their experience, Willis knew that we had to move quickly. We were out of town when the house came on the market so we were going to try and look when we got back on Monday. Willis explained how important it was for us to see the house ASAP, so we got my parents to look at the house the same day, made an offer, and got it accepted before the weekend was over. Winnie and Willis’s experience, hustle, and determination helped us avoid a multiple offer/ bidding war situation. Through his expertise and negotiation skills, he even was able to get us some money back after inspections. We wish we used them earlier…they definitely would have save us a lot of time and money!”-Gene A. (San Leandro,CA) via Yelp

“I found Equity West on Facebook for a price quote. Then met Willis. Willis was brief and candid to answer all of my questions and recommended improvement we should to do before selling which gave me focus on what to do. He is an outstanding one in this field. I am very glad to know their business and we are close by & Thanks!”-Robert G. (Oakland,CA) via Yelp

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Winnie and Willis! I would recommend the both of them to all my family and friends looking to purchase – it was a great experience buying knowing the both of them had our backs and were trying to achieve our home buying dreams with us!”
-Jenny M. (Berkeley,CA) via Yelp

“Winnie and Willis are professional, knowledgeable and so nice to work with. They always answer questions on time and provide a lot of tips for me (first time home buyer) as well. I feel really confident and comfortable having them handled the whole process for me. They guide me through the process step by step with a lot of patience.”
-Susan W. (Napa,CA) via Yelp

“Winnie done very good job. She did excellent services. I will recommend my friend to her. My niece referral Winnie to my daughter, she is very patient to show the houses over 6 months. Finally we found the house. The escrow closed smoothly.”
-Susie L. (San Leandro,CA) via Zillow

“I am a 1st time home buyer and had many questions about purchasing a home.winnie was patient enough to explain everything to me in English n explained it to my mom in Cantonese.no matter what time day or night when I had doubts about a home we had just looked at,when I called looking for answers she was always available.i would definitely have Winnie represent me if I were to buy or sell another home.”
-Marco H. (San Leandro,CA) via Zillow

“I met Willis at an open house and asked him to be my realtor on a 1031 exchange I needed to complete in 45 days. Both he and Winnie were there for me 24/7 and we were able to close the deal on both sides of my 1031 exchange within 3 days of eachother! Highly recommend them for both residential and commercial property!”
-Wendy G. (Agoura Hills,CA) via Yelp

“Absolutely just professionally, personable and pleasant experience from start to finish. Winnie is genuine, honest and strategic. She works hard and does her best to listen and work with you. The home buying experience is probably one of the biggest purchase and having Winnie by our side helped alleviate the stress and tension. We were able to get the house we wanted in the shortest amount of time. I’d definitely recommend her to all my friends and family. Thank you again Winnie!”
-Amy X. (SF,CA) via Yelp

“Willis and Winnie were great in our process of finding a home. They were flexible, patient (dealing with the wants of multiple people), and super informative of the area we were looking in. And their abilities to remember the details of each home we looked at was amazing and so helpful when making a decision. What made them stand out even more was their willingness to take care of us till the end even post escrow and us settling in. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking. They really take care of you.”
-Jennifer W. (SF,CA) via Facebook

“Winnie & Willis are hard working, goal-oriented, knowledgeable professionals in the real estate industry! As a first time homebuyer, I was overwhelmed. They explained a lot of the real estate lingo, the processes, and their thought processes as well. They helped me and my fiance find our dream home. I am so thankful to have Winnie & Willis as my agents, and would never go any other way. If you are unsure as to whether or not to choose Winnie & Willis, I hope my review will sway you in her direction!”
-Glo L. (Bay Area) via Facebook

“My husband and I worked with Winnie Tam to find our first home. She has been very helpful throughout the whole purchasing process, from helping us understand the different house layouts and neighborhoods to the many suggestions on banks and mortgage loans. She was very thorough about what we wanted for our home, sending us weekly updates on various house’s that were on the market. When we didn’t make it to the open house schedule, she was very flexible with our schedule, and Winnie would meet us at the house’s on our availability. When we walked through the houses, Winnie helped us picture what the house would be like if we wanted to fix it up or what potentials the home had. Overall our experience with Winnie has been perfect and we would recommend her to any one who’s looking for a Realtor who truly cares.”
-Yvonne C. (SF,CA) via Facebook

“5 stars! Buying my first home was overwhelming.. I was ready to give up on my search, but then I found Winnie to help me through the process. Winnie was great at finding listings that fit my criteria within my budget. She really listened to my want list and each time we scheduled home visits, she was extremely organized and prepared. When I was indecisive, Winnie offered her professional opinion with pros and cons of each choice, and was extremely patient and optimistic throughout the whole process. Both Winnie and Willis have extensive knowledge on home maintenance and reconstruction, so they helped break down the home inspection reports into layman terms. I appreciated their honesty about whether or not findings were concerning. Winnie and Willis were a dream to work with – do not hesitate to contact Equity West!”
-Colleen C. (Bay Area) via Facebook

“Winnie and Willis has been the most knowledgeable, personable, and helpful agent ever! They are always looking out for the best interest of me. Willis took time to research the neighborhoods I was interested in and Winnie thoroughly went over the contract to I felt very comfortable with it. Together, they’re outstanding when it comes to negotiating offers!! Without them I don’t think I would have the lovely home I do today!!!!! Thank you guys for all that you have done!!!!”
-Norman T. (SF,CA) via Facebook

“Was refer to Winnie by a friend. I found my first home with Winnie. She was super helpful when I had questions very knowledgeable on buying and selling. Willis was able to help with finding contractors to do repairs or modifications interior and exterior. I will be looking for Winnie and Willis again they are a great team!”
-Steven X. (Bay Area) via Facebook

“Winnie & Willis were a pleasure to work with and were able to help us out from open houses, escrow and even after closing! I would highly recommend them for anyone!”
-Curtis S. (Morgan Hill,CA) via Facebook

“We have the pleasure of having Winnie and her team to represent us in selling our home. She was enthusiastic in getting things done, and knowledgeable about the selling process and the area. She has work long and hard with us to get the house ready for sales. Her staging of the house looked fantastic and the potential buyers were clearly impressed. Her pricing strategy and prep work created a deep sense of value and buzz among buyers on the house. All their work made a quick sales. The houses were only opened for two weeks and got multiple bids that were almost over 100K of the asking price, with very favorable terms like removing all contingencies. Overall going with Winnie was the best decision we have made.”
-William W. (San Bruno,CA) via Zillow